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Welcome to Korea Aerospace University's KLEC website.

KLEC is a flexible, forward-looking institute that continually adapts programs and teaching methods to prepare today's foreign students for tomorrow's careers. KLEC has many students from diverse countries and has been consistently dedicated to helping students effectively learn the Korean language and culture. Furthermore, KLEC's location within the HAU campus provides a further benefit to students in that it is a short twenty minute bus ride away from Seoul, the nation's capital. One of the world's largest and most dynamic cities, the bustling metropolis offers KLEC students the chance to utilize their new language skills and share rich cultural experiences. KLEC's progressive curriculum and particular geographic location are crucial in allowing students to strengthen their second language abilities. It is expected that students will learn essential language patterns within the classroom and then reinforce their skills in the urban environment. KLEC prides itself for offering students an atmosphere that promotes success in education as well as maintaining a student-centered and learner friendly campus environment. With this in mind, it is expected that motivated students will be able to build both academic and practical abilities in Korean.


KLEC was established in July, 2005 to meet the growing demand of foreigners and overseas Koreans for qualified, innovative, and progressive language training. With this in mind, KLEC has put together a team of language professionals dedicated to helping non-native speakers acquire Korean language skills quickly and effectively. KLEC instructors have been chosen based on their pedagogical backgrounds and experiences dealing with students from foreign cultures. After researching various possible curricula, KLEC chose to implement a successfully proven program that has been nationally recognized as the most effective method of language acquisition to date. Furthermore, the curriculum is supported with supplemental materials such as exercise books and multimedia learning tools.
From the point at which new students enter the KLEC Level 1 program, they are encouraged to speak only in Korean throughout each and every class. This method fosters and promotes rapid linguistic progression. Students who complete all six levels at KLEC will be able to function at a very advanced level, able to communicate with local Koreans in any foreseeable situation.

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