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The KLEC program is designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals from a wide variety of linguistic and cultural backgrounds. It is recognized that prior to attending KLEC, each student will have had a different level of exposure to Korea's own unique language and culture, and as such, KLEC offers 6 different levels that encompass the full spectrum of the language acquisition process from introductory concepts to advanced speaking. Accordingly, KLEC has developed a well-rounded curriculum that addresses speaking, writing, listening and reading strategies.

Level Level Objectives
Level 1. Able to achieve basic survival needs.
Level 2. Able to achieve routine survival needs.
Level 3. Able to achieve most survival needs.
Level 4. Able to achieve basic social functions.
Level 5. Able to achieve routine social functions.
Level 6. Able to achieve most social functions. Able to function in contemporary Korean society with a
deep understanding of Korean culture

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